Martes, Abril 1, 2014

What Does Wensha Means?

Is there an extra service at Wensha?
Wensha has been operating for many years and has more that a few branches in Manila now.
It has become a favorite of many enthusiasts because of it's 24 hour service and eat-all-you can set up.
Not known to many, a blogger has posted a bad and good experience upon going to one of it's branch in Antipolo, Rizal.
He says Wensha Spa is corrupt and a secret prostitution den.
There is no confirmation yet that his allegations are all true.
Read the full story of Philrestoguard:
I am not new in Wensha SPA services as I have been in both Pasay and Timog branches. Yesterday, I decided to go to Wensha just to have fun and relax with my friend. Parking itself is a bit of a hassle because of the driving range they have which is too narrow. Well, manong guard is not that friendly either. He asked me change my parking on go to the other lane when I am out getting my bag in the trunk with my friends… I told manong that he should have told me earlier… Well, ayoko masira mood ko sabi ko… Bahala ka, nakababa na ko kung gusto mo ilipat eto susi… In my surprise he did not reacted anymore… Haay kuya…

First impression already a HUSSLE… Ok it is overlooking in a compound – Does Cafe Lupe own the place? I do not know. Well ok let go inside I am excited. Wow… Green na green… A snubish manager is watching the staff attending the guest well ok we wait 3 people came before us so technically we are 4th… hehehe… Naku naku naku…. 20 mins na iha nakatayo pa rin kami. Finally, we were on the line AFTER 35mins and 40 sec… tapos eto sasabihin… “ANO SERVICE NILA?” what the hell, pwede mo naman sabihin good afternoon dahil bwisit na ko… then the manager keep on shouting… Dalian nyo jan… hello… Nasa Pila kami…

Another customer came in and asked the number of the staff which she gave – is that allowed?
Ok we got out pass same Promo… bahala na kau manghula. As usual slippers locker room etc etc etc.. Naku naman… Naguguluhan pa si kuya sa locker room kasi sobrang dami ng towels na kung saan saan… Haay ok looking for the locker… When I asked for my towel kuya gave me then when im about to use it sabi ko… kuya mejo basa… then he said “ay. sorry sir kasi nagmamadali ako patapos na kasi shift ko.” what the heck… told him ok.. Gamitin mo to.. then I went to the towel shelf and get mine… I looked at him really bad…

Shower room is really big sauna is amazing… Finally, no need to bother stupid people in this place…I enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed… Oh so so so relaxing… Kwentuhan… lokohan… with my friends…

Foodies time na… I went and checked my camera and bring with me… Suddenly, a manager approached me saying “Sir, bawal po magtake ng pictures kailangan po yan ng permit.” “What the hell.” huh? when I was hesitant he softly told me… Sir if you want give me P1000 para sabihin ko may permit kayo… I refused said ok balik ako sa locker and locked my dslr cam… In short no no NO NO NO moments with my friends…

As usual food – shabu shabu etc… Haay lame foods again… No New thing… Same food I took from the otehr Spas…

After foodies, Finally my long-awaited massage… I rushed in cause I do not want to wait. My friends also did the same… Bleeh… nauna ako… I said I want a girl to massage me. I got a well average looking lady… Ok here we go… kwentuhan in the room wala naman ako kasama that time. While I am enjoying the massage all of a sudden the lady asked me if I feel really nice. I said yes its ok. then she teased me if I want some extra service since no one is still there. Feeling Inocent I asked her what she does.. She said she can give me a hand-job for P500 blow-job for P1000 and if I want sex she can give me her number for only P2000. Taray ni ate ha… kagandahan… I told her so sorry I am a gay… pretending…

After that, I came out just shocked.. What the hell is happening in this place…. After that we only have 2 hours left… we decided to eat again then Mark – one of my friends, asked me… Bro, nagextra service ka ba? sabi No. He said well the lady gave me a blowjob… then nasakin number niya…. hehehehe… I told him he is stupid and a fool… Vince had the same thing.. ako lang ba ang nag-inarte… naku naman… at least I am clean… You do not know if you get HIV or AIDS from this people..

Ok…Times up… Finally we decided to go home and guess what.. I am disappointed but not my 2 horny friends. they are satisfied not because of WENSHA but because of the ladies who offered EXTRA-SERVICE.

CONCLUSION.Wensha Spa has a very nice concept knowing that they are the only SPA in antipolo with a Bar. But what is so disappointing are the SERVICES they offer, underground EXTRA-SERVICE. I am not really sure if management are truly aware of this situation. But I hope this is an eye-opener for them.

NEGATIVE:1. Customer Service really SUCKS
2. Food is so Plain and Dry… well the pansit is smelly.
3. underground EXTRA SERVICE
4. Corrupt Manager

POSITIVE.1. Wet room is still a Winner (Sauna is really good)
2. Overlooking with Bar so you can order alcoholic drinks.
3. Near Metro Manila.
Will I recommend it? Only to my Horny friends but no my family.
Will I return back? No more. I will just go to Wensha Timog.

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  2. Bakla ang nagbigay ng review sa denial stage palang sya... biruin mo, yun 2 friends nya nagpa ES, sya aarte-arte?!

  3. bakla yan.. based pa lang how he construct his words ee.. pretending kuno.. in denial kamo..


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