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The RITZ Spa

The Juan Traveler shares his experience with The RITZ Spa, an emerging spa along Manila. The spa offers affordable massage and great service. Posted on his Food and Travel blog:
I'll be frank. I do love massage, especially when I have to book a massage therapist from a free ads local paper or if I have an existing number of the previous encounter, I would just text the masseuse of my choice to come over wherever place I am staying. Usually that encounter last for two to three hours.
source: panoramio.com
There's something sensual and relaxed experience every time I book myself for a massage treatment, in the modern language it is also called spa treatment. A massage therapist carrying her props and bag of oils (of different scents) to use on your behalf minus the watering and steamy spa functions.
This is where a massage or spa clinic takes its advantage if you would rather want a full satisfaction and use of the whole of the clinic's amenities. Remember, there's difference between a 24/7 service massage/spa therapist and a 24/7 massage/spa clinic.
Let's focus on the great features of a spa/massage clinic.
Even long time ago, I would visit an old Korean spa clinic in Malate along Nakpil street. Those were the days when I had the leisure of going to spa clinics after a days of hard work. Rarely these days that I can afford a massage because of the hectic schedules that I am into. But of course, having a relaxing massage treatment will always benefit not just the body and mind, but the complete experience will recharge and energize one's self.
That's why when I finally had the chance to book a one-hour treatment full body massage at The RITZ Spa in Adriatico, Manila, I quickly rushed to the place and commit myself to the ever patient massage therapist. I chose to describe them to have that great patience because these masseuse should be commended of allotting their one-hour time of physically and brutally pampering a client's body. Imagine their hands touched more than just one client's body in their whole day's work. Not fun I guess, but that's their job. After all, they're doing this for their families. So before I forget, let's salute these massage therapist!
Okay, so where is The RITZ Spa located? If you're familiar with Robinsons Place in Manila, it's just one corner on the left after you passed by the mall along Pedro Gil. A quick left turn, that's Adriatico street and the big and visually evident logo of the RITZ Spa will greet you at once.
Going inside, you'll be welcomed by a nice reception area of which the aisle leading to the massage rooms will be seen just right in front after you enter the clinic. Use your imagination, guys.
It's still better to book your reservations here to make sure that you'll be entertained immediately especially during peak hours and seasons. The RITZ Spa has quite a good number of clients, most of them are foreigners.
After selecting your treatment, you'll be given a digital locker key for your locker. An attendant will assist and hand you the necessary get-up inside the clinic. Usually it's a short underwear and a bathroom robe. This goes the same for men and women. Oh, men and women locker area and spa rooms are separated, just in case you wanna know. Except for couples rooms. I guess this arrangements goes to all spa clinic.
Traditionally, the term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular, and offer various personal care treatments. Nice info, right? I lifted that up from Wikipedia.
You'll expect these and more treatments inside The RITZ Spa and are available and costs depending on the choices that you'll select.
Here is an overview of the rates and special packages:
Special Promo 1: (Regular Massage & Choice of:) P 1,300.00
Aroma Scalp & Shoulder Massage/ Aroma Facial & Chest Massage/ Foot Scrub & Foot Massage/ Hand SPA & Arm Massage
Special Promo 2: (Foot Reflex & Choice of:) P 1,300.00
Aroma Scalp & Shoulder Massage/ Aroma Facial & Chest Massage/ Foot Scrub/ Hand SPA
Special Promo 3: (2 HRS.)
Foot Reflex & Regular Massage P 1,400.00
Special Promo 4: (1 HR.)
Foot Reflex & Regular Massage P 1,300.00
Special Promo 5: (1 HR.)
Synchronized Twin Massage P 1,300.00
Body Scrub P 1,300.00
Facial Care: P 1,000.00
Collagen Facial w/ Diamond Peel P 1,800.00
Collagen Facial w/ L-6 P 2,000.00
For those who want to try the Hot Stone Massage, it costs from P 1,200.00 - P 2,000.00 maximum of 2 hrs and 15 minutes.
Alright. If you wanna know if I had a wonderful experience, I would say so. From the hot water shower that I had before the massage up to the treatment itself, I am well satisfied by the way the masseuse who handled my body. Though, her hands were a little bit hard, the relaxing end of it had completed my day.
Expect a twenty something massage bed in line when you enter the massage room along with the other guys having their treatments.
Just in time for this rainy season, it's time that you also try and experience The RITZ Spa when you're in Manila. If you always complain of that aching back pain or head ache once in a while, then it's time that you lay down and let the great hands of the massage therapist relax you, from head to toe!

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