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Bluewater Day Spa in Greenhills

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Bluewater Day Spa (Greenhills)

I had a great experience with the massage I availed.

I had an Absolute Relaxation Package which includes: Athlete’s Massage + Foot Reflexology at Bluewater Day Spa Greenhills (last Feb 24)

It was a two hour massage. The first hour was lying in a massage bed and the second hour was while watching a movie inside the theater.

Their therapists were very polite and courteous even that male person who watches the locker and restroom showed me a very hospitable treatment and gave an assistance in my needs.

My masseur did a good job in providing me a satisfying massage that afternoon. I felt like all the stress in me were released.

She is very well trained in showing politeness and giving the right amount of pressure.

She also has a wide variety of strokes and that is something that I would always like to have when I'm in a spa.

When we're done in bed she asked me to transfer at the theater room. Again she gave a very satisfying massage - Foot Reflexology while watching movie.

Overall I was satisfied with the massage, the treatment that I got and everything good that I felt that time. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her name.

I highly recommend Bluewater Spa in Greehills to those who are seeking for stress relief, a relaxing weekend, health benefits of a therapeutic massage and many more.

I will always save my money just to avail another set of Athlete’s Massage + Foot Reflexology at Bluewater Day Spa Greenhills.

This spa is truly "Innovating Wholeness" thru wellness.


My Massage: Absolute Relaxation Package
Includes: Athlete’s Massage + Foot Reflexology at Bluewater Day 

Bluewater's Specialty: Massage while watching movie

Ratings: 5/5
Lobby Area: Very cool pwedeng tumambay. Thanks for allowing me to take photos here.

Restrooms : Very clean
The Shower: fully functional

Massage Room: The common room has enough space
Setting: very nice interior design
Bed: High standard
Linen: very good smell
Towel: soft and smooth
Robe: sarap sa katawan ng tela
Therapist: worth the pay talaga

Hot Towel:      Yes
Dry Sauna:     Yes
Parking:     Yes it can accomodate many cars
Home Service:     Yes even hotel services
Free Wi-Fi:     Yes
Socket: Yes

Masseur Type:     Female
Signature:     Athlete's Massage, Sparty


Athlete’s  (PHP 850)
Cellulite Melter  (PHP 800)
Combo Herbal (PHP 800)
Swedish  (PHP 650)
Traditional Filipino  (PHP 1050)
New Massages

Infant  (PHP 500)
Pregnancy  (PHP 850)

My Experience: The Best after My Nurture Spa Experience in Tagaytay

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