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A Wellness Center in Cubao

Spada Wellness Cubao

Well, for the massage enthusiasts out there this Spa surely speaks for it's name.

Spada's name is funny. Imagine telling your story to a friend..."Pare nagpamassage ako sa SPADA" ha ha ha...sounds very very funny.

Another reason why it has a very funny name? Because it's sounds really hardcore..."Pare SPADA ba kamo baka masakit yan ha" ha ha ha.

Anyway let me tell you my experience here in SPADA.

Because I consider Cubao as a good ukay place and because of my frequent escapades of finding the cheapest clothes in this area I accidentally came across with this very interesting kingdom --- SPADA.

It is a wellness center for men an women and operates 24/7. Located at P. Tuazon Avenue besides Unioil gas station and near Ali Mall.

So I went inside and it looked like a clinic, the colors were Red it's like a valentines day celebration inside. The therapists are sitting around watching TV and they will make you feel welcome at really At home.

I smiled upon checking their menu. They've got FHM (For Him Massage) and LINGGAM massage (their specialty). So I asked what kind of massage are they?

FHM is a sensual whole body massage and a little bit of the genital parts, it costs 550 pesos for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Linggam is a more sensual body massage and focus on the genital parts, it costs 900 pesos for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The cheapest massage that they offer is the Spada massage. It is an ordinary massage like other spa have, it costs 350 pesos good for one hour.

I choose to have the cheapest massage but in my mind I'd also like to try FHM and Linggam.

My therapist's name is Marie, 30 plus female, she is chubby. She has good reflexes and she handles good care of the client.

She is very well trained, very respectful and she will finish the massage at the right time without missing any parts.

She provides enough pressure and can control if you want to harden or lighten the massage.

She give a good slow pace that will allow your body to be relaxed. She does not force the client to give her a tip. I voluntarily gave her enough for that.

Her duty is from 4 pm to 12 mn. I am satisfied with her massage.

My Verdict:

Ratings: 3/5
Lobby Area: Very cool pwedeng tumambay parang bahay lang

CR: ok lang not bad
Shower: ok lang not bad

Massage Room: bad area
Setting: lying on the floor
Bed: no hole nasa sahig lang
Linen: bad smell
Towel: ang tigas at ang gaspang
Robe: pwede na
Therapist: worth the pay

Hot Towel:      Yes
Dry Sauna:     None
Parking:     Yes it can accomodate 4 cars
Home Service:     Yes even hotel services
Free Wi-Fi:     Yes
Socket: None
Masseur Type:     Male & Female
Signature:     Spada, FHM, Linggam
Extra Service:  Yes

My Experience: Good

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