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Pinoy Spa in Star Mall

 Pinoy Spa

When I visited their Cubao branch, I was satisfied with their service. But I was disappointed when I tried their massage service here in Starmall branch.

Branch: StarMall, Mandaluyong City

Operating Hours: Mall hours

Rates: 199 - 500 Php

My Experience:

Recently, I visited a spa nearby my workplace. Pinoy Spa is located inside StarMall, Mandaluyong City. The reason why I want a massage that day is to ease the stress the rain had cause me.

When it’s my turn to try their massage service, I was assigned to their therapist named Mary Jane, a small and slim mid 30's female. She was not wearing her uniform. I learned that she was a trainee.

I tried their Pinoy combination service, which is lasted 45 minutes because I want to know first the kind of service that they have. And it costs 199 only, sounds cheap and interesting

I was very relaxed upon seeing the place , and it’s very quiet, very clean spa salon.

The massage table was perfect in its width and height there is also a table and chair where you can put all your things. And there’s no background sound and the light is just ok not so dark unlike others

Meanwhile, I’m not satisfied on what Maryjane, one of Pinoy Spa therapist did it to me. I do not feel the connection on her therefore I don't get the satisfaction that I want

Good thing about her attitude is she asks if the pressure is ok or not.

I requested a hot towel after, but when she was about to gave me the towel, she only left it there. That towel with an oil wiped it around my body with a hot towel

Though I had a bad experience in Starmall branch, still I want to visit their spa salon soon. On my next visit, I will just ask for another female therapist.

If you want a good satisfying massage request for Marie or Jollivee.

Amenities is not bad except that theydo not have a restroom inside.

Massage Table: With hole
Shower:     None
Hot Towel:      Yes

Dry Sauna:     None
Parking:     Yes at the mall parking
Home Service:     None
Free Wi-Fi:     Yes
Socket: None
Masseur Type:     Male & Female
Signature:     Pinoy Hilot
Extra Service:  None
My Experience: Good
Ratings: 3/5

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