Miyerkules, Mayo 22, 2013

The Spa

The best time to get a massage at The Spa is anytime as long as you set a schedule appointment with a professional massage therapist.
I tried doing this at The Spa in BGC, Trinoma and Acropolis branch. I got satisfied in BGC, Acropolis branches but not at Trinoma.
Arriving early at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time ensures a full massage session.

My visit at their branch in BGC was my first time to dip into the pool naked. Because I do not have a choice.

May nakasabay akong first timer din....."Wala bang provided na underwear nakakahiya kasi eh" sabi nya.

We had a chat for almost 30 minutes at the infinity pool. The pool is so relaxing. The heat is therapeutic. Those who dip in here must be naked.


Lobby and Rooms: Elegant and very relaxing
Massage: very good
Price: 780 php is expensive. Budget is something to consider, it is not very affordable
Therapist: You can't choose a therapist. Just rely on your good luck!


Combination Massage: (Best Seller)
The muscle-soothing flow of Swedish massage and their special oil, coupled with the chi-balancing power of Shiatsu’s finger pressure. 60 minutes.

Regular Member Deluxe: (60/90 minutes) 820/1230 Member: 700/1050
Executive (60/90 minutes) 1100/1650 Member: 950/1425
Suite / Villa (60/90 minutes) 1600/2400 Member: 1400/2100

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