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Now Open: NuLiving Spa Studio in Binondo

NuLiving Spa Studio in Binondo is the second branch after establishing their main in D. Tuazon QC.
I went here on Saturday with a group of bloggers to try out their services. It was a perfect day to get a massage after the long days of work in the office.
And getting a massage is also a great way to end August to welcome the ber months.
Cheers to a relaxing September and the rest of the month.
NuLiving Spa is near San Fernando Bridge, in front of 7/11, and just beside Allied Bank. They specializes traditional and modern massage.
Their best seller is Thera-Swedish Massage.
A Must Try!

They also got one of a kind service called TheraSpa. They hired a registered Physical Therapist for this. A machine is used to release the muscle tensions and different physical therapy modalities will be performed that will totally remove body aches.
For Binondo branch, regular massages (Shiatsu, Swedish, Lazy Yoga and Reflex) costs P300 an hour while Elite Massages (Signature, Pinoy Hilot, Hot Stone) are at P500 per 1.5 hour
Here's the complete list of services for your reference.
Thera Spa 500 / 1.5 hrs. Thera Swedish 500 / 1.5 hrs. NuLiving Signature Massage 500 / 1.5 hrs. Pinoy Hilot Ventosa 500 / 1.5 hrs. Hot Stone Massage 500 / 1.5 hrs.
Foot Refelexology 300 / hr. Lazy Yoga Massage 300 / hr. Swedish Massage 300 / hr. Shiatsu Massage 300 / hr. Slimming Massage 300 / hr. Qi-Thai Massage 350 / hr. Hand Reflexology 170 / 30 mins. Back Massage 170 / 30 mins. Head Meridian 170 / 30 mins. Head Meridian + Ear Candling 300 / 30 mins. Foot Scrub 300 / hr. Body Scrub 500 / 1.5 hrs.
There are many good things to say about NuLiving Spa Studio in Binondo.
First, you get to experience therapists who are not in a hurry in doing their massage.

Before you start with your massage you will get a warm foot wash. It so relaxing to the legs.
They have a wide variety of oil from lavender to ginger, eucalyptus, orange all are good to skin. (no itchy feeling after)
You get a free hot tea before and after the massage.
They are professional, friendly, and dedicated masseurs in Binondo, Manila.
So if you are just around Manila and you're looking for the perfect relaxation place then you must try out the NuLiving Spa Studio located just across the fire station.
I tried their signature massage because I'd love to feel how their combination of Swedish and shiatsu works for me.
I work from Monday to Friday seating in front of the computer for almost the whole day. So I get muscle tensions majority on my shoulders.
Before the start I was asked what level of pressure would I like and I said moderate. I didn't go for hard because I was expecting that I can't bear it from their masseurs.
My therapist was Angie, a petite young girl and seems very new in her job. The way she does her sequence of massage is good, it was not in a manner of hurry and she would always ask if pressure is alright. She does well in efflurage and petrissage.
However her hands were a bit nervous and cold. That's why when I requested for additional pressure on the shoulder part she was not able to deliver that pressure I need just on that part.
She was good in putting pressure on the other parts but I think she must learn to locate where muscle tension is and learn to know when she should put additional pressure. Plus she needs to work on putting more friction.
For a regular spa goer like me, it is important that I get rid of my muscle tensions because that would make me feel better in the following days.
Overall, their massage reduces stress, muscle tension improve blood circulation and balance the overall flow of oxygen, you get all these benefits for a very affordable price ranging from 300 - 500 pesos.
Spa Name: NuLiving Spa Studio Operational Status: Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 1:00 am Last call is 12 mn
Location / Address: Plaza del Conde, Binondo, Manila Landmarks: Fire Station, 7-11 , Allied bank Contact Numbers: +632 806 2705; +63 932 4714641
AMENITIES Shower: Yes Steam Room / Sauna: No Parking: Yes Home Service: No
Other Features: Masseur Type: Female Specialty: Elite Massage Treatment Area: Curtain-Separated Beds Couples’ Room Price Range: P300 – P500 My Experience: August 31, 2013
TIPS: I asked around who are their best therapists.

Request for Leizel, Nicca or Riza.
They've got 21 beds and 6 chairs(can be also turned into bed)
Near the store of Fried shanghai siopao is priced at p18 in Ongpin.
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