Martes, Enero 21, 2014

Review: Suriya Spa

As a massage enthusiast, I’ve visited most of the spas here in Metro Manila and I’ve already tried different massage techniques. However, after reading several great reviews about Suriya Spa, my thirst for high quality spa treatment increased and that urged me to visit the spa.
I went to their branch in Frontera Verde and picked “hot stone massage”. From the moment I entered the room, I’ve never felt so fortunate because I experienced 90 minutes of pure goodness.
Suriya Spa is an exquisite sanctuary for relaxation. It’s an award-winning place for rejuvenation and tranquillity. After bagging several awards in these past few years, the spa continues to provide top-notch massages for everyone’s health and wellness. Suriya Spa has four branches in Metro Manila. They are located in Frontera Verde, Ascott Makati, Intercontinental Manila and Holiday Inn Galleria Manila.
Services If you avail their services, they will give you an Asian style pampering as if you are their emperor. They offer a waterfall of services that can eliminate body pain, stress and depression. They provide relaxing massage techniques that will please you from head to toe. Every stroke revitalizes your entire body.
When having a massage session, all you can hear is the mind-clearing music and the relaxing whispers of their calming ambience. You may also want to share a few laughs with their therapists.
Their therapists are all professionals and well-trained. Their warm attitude and tender hands can remove all the bad energy in you. Furthermore, they don’t act like robots and give you a mechanical massage. Instead, they will connect with you personally and they make sure that you are well taken care of.
Facilities The facilities here are designed to provide optimum relaxation to their customers. All their rooms are spotless because they clean all of them religiously. From the reception to the massage rooms, all areas are spacious and cozy.
Price The prices of their services are not for everyone. Their rates are high because they want them to be congruent with their quality of service. But, they create promos regularly so everyone will have the opportunity to experience their world class services.
Everyone deserves to be treated like kings or queens at least once in their lifetime. Suriya spa is giving everyone a chance to be treated as such. Their services may not be free but you’ll definitely get more than you’ve spent.

What are you waiting for? Go to one of their branches and experience their majestic massage for yourself.

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