Huwebes, Enero 23, 2014

The Farm at San Benito

Massage to the next level!

My recent visit to “The Farm” at San Benito was great not only that, it’s the most rejuvenating experience I ever had. I and my co-workers agreed to have a little bit of pampering from our stressful job. We arrived at the place at noon time, the staff has the warmest smile for us as we arrived and took us to our designated rooms. As we walked through we are so pumped up and very excited to explore the place because the ambience was overwhelming and surroundings were all conducive to the overall relaxation.
So first stop we go for massage, we we’re offered with lots of choices to choose from so I chose “Aromatherapy” in that said kind of massage they used some extracted oils from flowers and some other particles, it really smells good very aromatic and so conducive for massage. The Actual place where the massage took place looked exquisite, calm and breathe taking. The masseur greeted me and we started the massage, she told me that this kind of massage which is aromatherapy is great reliever of stress and tension, so she started and woooh! Just the right amount of pressure, she was open to any of my suggestion on how I like it to be done, just to make this experience the best ever. It was very soothing it feels like heaven on earth experience.
Indeed, all my tension and stress gone away. The aroma from that oil goes all over the place and the masseur did it very professionally. I have gone to many spa/massage saloons, but this one is remarkably epic, I mean with all the amenities and how good they are in offering their service. The therapy lasted for sixty (60) minutes at a very reasonable price and worth every penny. It feels like it was the most longest and relaxing 60 minutes of my life. After the therapy it feels like my mind was free from any negative thoughts and of course the stress I had from my work was relieved.
The other choices they have for their massage were Reflexology, Relaxation massage, Therapeutic massage, Thai massage, the traditional “Hilot”, and lastly the one which I believe the must try and I am going to have this kind of massage during my next visit, it is the Massage under the stars! Yes you heard it right. It is a very delightful experience wherein you are lying under the stars while being massaged by your therapist.
Well, they say every good thing must have come to an end. The next day me and my co workers leave the farm but with a smiling face and truly satisfied with our stay specially my personal favorite the massage, I would definitely come back soon together with my loved ones. I was sharing the experience with y’all because like me you deserve some pampering, indulge yourself once in a while and free your mind with any stress and start a new day with a free mind.

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