Linggo, Hunyo 1, 2014

Home service massage in quezon city

Haven Home Spa is a home service massage in Quezon City, day and night spa with licensed and highly skilled professionals, designed to provide you with relaxing experience.

Swedish Massage - P 299
Shiatsu Massage - P 299
Swedish-Shiatsu Combo - P 299
Foot SPA - P 250
Body Scrub and Massage - P 450
Ventosa with Massage - p450

From all types of body massage, reflex, Foot Spa , Body Scrub and Massage, to relax, renew and revive your spirit and senses, Haven provides expert therapists and masseurs

CALL NOW @ 216- 24-57

Connect with social media:
Twitter @Havenhomespa 

Open daily from 1pm-2am. Last call is 2am

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