Miyerkules, Enero 2, 2013

P99 Whole Body Massage at Heaven and Earth Spa

I've tried combination massage here when I went to ukay-ukay in Cubao, and I was really satisfied. I was able to catch the promo called 3 hours after opening - P170/hr.

Their female masseurs are 'manang' but they give the total satisfaction, they will not offer any extra service but they will ask if you want their 'body scrub' for P499 only.

Body Scrub  is  a *MUST TRY* (with milk, oatmeal & salt) - P499/hr

The usual price for a whole body massage in a typical spa around Manila is P200-P350. The cheapest that I found was P99 Whole Body Massage at Heaven and Earth Spa.

It’s hard to find a P99 Whole Body Massage. But if you will be the first customer at Heaven and Earth Spa in Cubao you will get it. They call it buena mano promo.

Reservation for this promo is not allowed. *Mineral oil will be used.

Heaven and Earth SPA is located at UCKG Help Center Bldg. Quezon Cinema, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City. Tel. No. 913-4679


Full Body Massage (unscented or efficascent oil) - P199/hr
* if first customer - P99/hr
* if within 3 hours after opening - P170/hr

Full Body Massage (coconut oil with lemon grass) - P249/hr
Full Body Massage (cucumber melon or green tea) - P299/hr
Foot Massage or Foot & Hand Massage - P199/hr
Foot Spa or Scrub (with foot massage) - P199/hr
Body Scrub *MUST TRY* (with milk, oatmeal & salt) - P499/hr

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