Huwebes, Abril 25, 2013

Gina of Good Look Therapeutic Salon and Spa in NICE hotel

Along Mandaluyong City lies a very nice hotel - it is called NICE hotel, located downstairs of MRT Shaw Blvd.

At the same building there's a salon and spa called Good Looks, it is open 24 hours offering a nice massage for walk ins and travelers.

I've been going here for quite sometimes because it was here when I first felt the satisfying massage of Gina, a Cebuano Chinese looking female therapist who does not have an idea that she has the power to make me feel good.

Whenever I go here I would always look for her. She is top on my list of recommended therapist in Manila. If she is not around I would not avail a massage. She usually come around 8 pm on-wards so that she can provide a satisfying massage to her clients at night.

She is nice and kind hear ted person, she is fun to be with and she gives right amount of pressure to your body. She can provide the hardest pressure and has a very good muscle control. She seems to be a conservative person and hard to get.

This spa is small but their bed is nice, it has a hole. The room is small and you can hear the noise outside. It is really not a good place if you want to get some extra service from your therapist.

My Experience and Verdict:

Ratings: 3/5
Lobby Area: very small

CR: you have to go inside NICE hotel
Shower: none

Massage Room: small and it's hard to move
Setting: Massage table you see in Ace Hardware
Bed: has hole
Linen: one
Towel: ok lang
Robe: none
Therapist: worth the pay

Hot Towel:      None
Dry Sauna:     None
Parking:     Yes it can accomodate 2 cars
Home Service:     Yes even hotel services
Free Wi-Fi:     Yes
Socket: None
Masseur Type:     Male & Female
Signature:     Combination of Swedish and Shiatsu
Extra Service:  None

My Experience: You get more than a 300 pesos massage from Gina

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