Lunes, Abril 22, 2013

Wensha Spa in Timog

If there's a best spa with sauna in Quezon City, that would be the Wensha Spa in Timog. For the amount of 700 pesos plus the required tip of 100 pesos you get to enjoy their buffet, sauna, steambath, hotspring and whole body massage.

I've been here for a couple of times already and I do not regret on spending a night over here. The food is not bad, the pool is hot, the massage is very satisfying. However, there are things that I don't like about Wensha Spa in Timog:

1. You are required to give a hundred peso tip
2. Overcrowded when it's weekend
3. Only few choices of food.
4. Very old tiles, it looks very cheap and dirty.

I hope that the management of Wensha Timog should consider renovating the place so that it becomes more elegant and will atrract many foreigners.

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