Linggo, Hulyo 21, 2013

Holiday Spa near GMA Network

I would always see a signage of 199 only massage when I'm around GMA Network. Yes it is , the massage at Holiday Spa is only 199 pesos. A regular massage using mineral oil over a bed that is only fit for thin people.

To be straight to the point the price that they are advertising speaks for itself so do not expect a lot in getting a good massage in this branch.

What is not good about their massage is the place itself. If you can just find time to go inside I think you will never get a desire in staying longer. The place is so small, the smell is not good, the restroom is dirty, everything is not presentable.

To think that they attract people who goes inside a giant network company they must develop in improving the facilities.

If you are a regular customer, the receptionist will ask you immediately what type of oil you would want to have for your massage, there is an additional 100 pesos or more depending on what type of oil you choose.

Indirectly they are up-selling that you upgrade your budget of 199 pesos.

The spa is open from Monday - Sunday and offers clean massage only. The cheapest price is 199 while the most expensive is 500 which includes body scrub with massage.

There's many negative things to describe this spa, words are not enough to express. This is the worst spa I've ever been.

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