Biyernes, Agosto 9, 2013

Pahulay Spa in MRT Ayala

If there is a cheap 30 minute massage that I would like to recommend, that would be the Pahulay Spa in MRT Ayala. I've been here for a couple of times getting random therapist and they never fail to give satisfaction. The good news is you will never regret getting a massage from anyone of them.

I tried 4-5 different female therapists at Pahulay, it never fails to give a good relaxing 30 minute massage.
I strongly recommend Pahulay to those in a hurry but needs to get a relaxing massage first.

It is also good for those who cannot afford a 300 worth of body massage.

If  given a chance I would put up a business like this and put it in the same location. Pahulay is a strategic business because of the following reasons:

1. Captured market. Every second a person passes by MRT Ayala and will surely see Pahulay Spa.

2.  Ayala is a place for blue collar and white collar workers so there is a sure client everyday.

3. No one will not like to get a cheap massage for the amount of less than 200 pesos.

4. It is near mall areas and food chains

The cheapest massage cost 80 pesos and 150 pesos. You can choose from head massage to foot reflex, from siesta to Pahulay signature massage.

Note: They also have full body massage which is around 300 pesos only.

I have tried and tested their good services here. Not to mention they have friendly and accommodating personnel.

The most recommended therapist to name is Jen, 27 yo from Quezon City. Strictly clean massage only!

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