Huwebes, Oktubre 31, 2013

Massage Can Relieve Workplace Pain and Stress

Stressed at work?
Most of my friends are working in a corporate world. I decided to write a post about stress. Hope this gives them an idea Why Massage Is Good For Stressed People?
Most people compare the corporate world to a prison. Most people I know from the corporate world can’t handle the stress and pressure inside the corporate prison. They need to find a way to free themselves from the shackles of work. The key to this punishing work-related stress is a nice therapeutic massage. Massage works like magic especially to stressed people.
What is Stress?
Stress is the reaction of our body to changes in our environment. When our bodies adjust to physical, emotional and mental responses, that’s how we get stress. Stress is a part of our lives. We can get it easily. We can obtain it from physical activities or simply by being alone and thinking too much. Stress affects our health. Its effects vary from its levels. From a simple headache to suicidal thoughts, stress can cause them all. It’s impossible to remove stress completely. If we try to get rid of it, it will always come back to us. However, we can relieve it with a soothing massage.
How does massage therapy relieve stress?
Studies show that physical contact can relieve stress and lower depression. In my experience, a standard massage includes one hour of pure physical contact and a nice banter with an expert massage therapist. If that doesn’t relieve your stress, you’re probably a robot. In the vantage point of the science geeks, massage releases hormones called endorphin that soothe the peripheral nervous system. It can also significantly decrease the levels of stress hormones called cortisol. It also increases the flow of white blood cells which boosts the immune system to prevent stress-related aches. With regards to mental health, massage calms the mind to prevent stressful thoughts. In short, massage relaxes the body and the mind.
People say “laughter is the best medicine”. During the massage, you will share good laughs with the therapist. You’ll experience a fun vibe and your head will be filled with happy thoughts when in a massage session.
Other health benefits of massage
Massage doesn't only relieve stress. It also benefits our overall health. It improves the blood circulation. It also relieves muscular pain and lowers the blood pressure.
Massage is recommended for those who want to unwind. Honestly, as I’m writing this, I feel like getting a relaxing massage right now. I know you do too. So what are you waiting for? Go visit your nearest spa now.
*with texts from carpediem

Sabado, Oktubre 26, 2013

New Found Spa in Bayani Rd. Taguig

If you are looking for a spa with Sauna, 
HOLIE Spa and Salon in Taguig has it. For only 150 pesos you can get the benefit of relaxing in a sauna bath. It is near the Army gym, Ayu Thai Spa and Raz Massage in Equator. 

Affordable Spa near LRT Buendia

The cheapest massage for only 99 pesos is here at Headroom Spa. It is near LRT Buendia, near Leveriza, near Adventist Church, near Spada Pasay branch. Opens monday to sunday.

Sabado, Oktubre 19, 2013

New Found Spa in Taguig

Ayu Thai is located at Bayani Road in Taguig. Just opened on October. Best deal ever from 12 nn - 5 pm masahe is 198 php only.

Biyernes, Oktubre 18, 2013

How to Choose the Best Spa in Metro Manila

by carpediem
I’m not going to lie; Metro Manila is a very stressful place. The traffic is a nightmare, the streets are always flooded and the pollution is horrible. If you live or work within the area, I’m sure you can testify to that. So if you’re coming from an eight-hour grind in the office, it would be nice to treat yourself with a pampering spa treatment. However, there are numerous choices of spas in the Metro. If you want to narrow your choices, here are the things you should consider.
Price It’s hard to make a living nowadays so it’s important to be practical. You want the spa experience that’s worth the amount you paid. Remember, you’re going to a spa to relieve stress. Don’t punish yourself by paying a stressful amount of money. So pick a spa that’s friendly to your wallet.
Location It’s wise to pick a spa near you. You don’t want to travel too far just to get a massage especially in Manila where traffic is terrible. If you get stuck in the traffic, you’ll just end up more stressed. Also, you want your spa away from a bad neighborhood. You want to be worry-free when getting a massage to experience optimum relaxation.
Facilities The venue must be spacious and properly sanitized. You don’t want your spa to be tight and dirty. The place itself must be a pillar of health and wellness. People visit spas from time to time so make sure that the place is clean to avoid transferring of diseases. 
Massage Quality This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when picking the right spa for you. The massage must be relaxing and revitalizing. The therapists must know what they are doing. It is best if the therapist possesses “Magic Hands”. Every stroke must bring pleasure to your body. Also, you don’t want to be massaged in a mechanical manner. It’s awesome if the therapist can give you a massage with more personal feel. Massage builds connection between people. It’s more relaxing if you feel connected to the one massaging you.
Employees’ Attitude All employees must have a pleasing personality. From the security guard to the therapists, they should all be friendly. When going to a spa, as much as possible, you want to avoid any bad vibes. So it will be awesome if all the spa personnel can give a friendly atmosphere.
In short, the best spa in Manila should be cheap, accessible and clean. Also, the massage should be top notch and the employees should be nice. Now you know the things to consider when choosing the best spa, have you picked the ideal spa for you?

Huwebes, Oktubre 10, 2013

Developing Story: Lasema Spa brings a one-of-a-kind Jjimjil Bang Spa experience

  • Treat yourself with a relaxing Jjimjil Bang offer with massage for 1 at Lasema Spa and Sauna.
  • Feel how it’s like to be one of your K-pop idols as Jjimjil Bang is the Korean style sauna and spa.
  • Jjimjil Bang is already complete with health facilities including 4 kinds of sauna, 3 kinds of Jacuzzi, an igloo ice room, and 12 cave rooms for sleeping and resting.
  • Choose the perfect sauna for you:
    • Chungito - Helps in balancing the energy in the human body as it contains minerals which releases negative ions and helps transfer energy to body.
    • Salt charcoal - Relaxes and detoxifies while stimulating metabolism as it contains carbon minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.
    • Oak and Clay - Intensifies the body's natural healing process and best for women who have recently given birth. Also perfect for those who have atopic dematitis and other skin problems as well as those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma.
  • The Sauna is located in the wet area of Lasema Spa so you can easily proceed to this area after bath time while the Jjimjil Bang is located in the dry area of the spa.


Branch Location: 7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, 1209 Makati City inside Makati Golf Club, Makati City
Reservation Phone no.: 830-2147 or 830-2148 or 830-2222 or 0927-6450531

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1243 Series of 2013
 Lasema Spa Jjimjil Bang + Sauna + Massage