Martes, Hunyo 10, 2014

What makes a good massage

We have asked around a group of those who work on and offline what gives them a good massage.

Massage gives heavenly pleasure when you hear these two keywords from them: relax and refresh.

Here's a list of the first few answers we got from male audience:
  • Yung relaxing, di gaano mabigat.
  • You are refreshed after, because there are some that are painful.
  • I don't know, hindi ako laging nagpapamassage eh.
  • Relaxation, comfort, to relieve stress *tip: if you are looking for a massage I recommend Wensha located at Pasay near Moa (via Ramil)
  • Good massage?hmm, if it relaxes your muscles and soothes most of your body pain
  • The sense of touch
  • If a person is tired and stress out. that's the perfect time to do have a massage

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