Martes, Pebrero 24, 2015

R2 Buds in Tomas Morato

It was a very stressful day since the traffic is so bad. Ang sarap magpa-spa.

Studies show that physical massage can relieve stress and lower depression.

In my experience, a standard massage includes one hour of pure physical contact and a nice banter with an expert massage therapist. If that doesn’t relieve your stress, you’re maybe a robot.

Thanks to R2 Buds for that stress relieving massage. R2Buds is famous for their nail services but they also have a signature massage to try for.

Check out their services:

 Manicure 170
 Pedicure  230

Manicure with special scrub 340
Pedicure with special scrub 460

Hand Massage 220
Feet Massage 220
Back Massage 300
Fot Spa  350
Dry Foot Pedi 750

SIGNATURE MASSAGE 3in1 combination (Hands, Leg, Back)

1 Hour 600
1.5 Hours 830
2 Hours 1,000

Their signature massage is a one hour whole body massage over a sitting position in a comfortable massage chair.

I felt really great after because of their skilled massage therapists.

For more information like their facebook page:

Getting a regular massage is very good to our health as it relieves toxins and stress.

Now that I have found a new spa in Tomas Morato I will definitely go back here.

I wanted to try their services like ear candling and fish spa.

Visit R2 Buds Nails' Spa at 2nd floor KR building 186 Tomas Morato QC.

Also check their promos:

Massage doesn't only relieve stress. It additionally profits our general well-being. It enhances the blood course. 

It likewise eases anxiety and brings down the circulatory strain.

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