Lunes, Abril 18, 2016

What Matters Most in a Massage Session

Long hard days of work, routine schedules, and stress-filled lives can no doubt push our bodies to our limit and make us yearn for our own relaxation time. One increasing popular industry is the spa and massage centers which can be found now in practically any city. In that case, how will you choose which would be the best place to get a massage and how can you get the most out of it? Both questions hold one answer: communication.
            Communication matters in a massage session. A committed massage therapist must be able to communicate well with a client and produce a calm atmosphere where clients become comfortable in voicing their needs. It is the key to creating a favorable relationship between the therapist and the client.

            Right from the moment you book an appointment, communication with the client must be established. Most clients time their appointments meticulously – others like having a massage before the start of the day to freshen them up while others prefer having their stress relieved at the end of a long night. Remember, no one knows you body more than you and that is why massage therapists must be able to accommodate clients in their preferred schedule as much as possible or at least, help them find suitable available time for both the client and therapist. In booking appointments, request your preferred massage technique, type, or kind of therapist as well. In that way, the massage centers may be able to find an appropriate massage therapist that can best accommodate your needs.

            However, communication does not only happen one-way in which case, you as a client must also voice out your opinions and needs. One such case is telling your massage therapist of your complete medical history, such as medications you are currently taking, and any past or present accidents and injuries. Massage is more than just rubbing your skin for relaxation. For years, it has been thought to have the ability to restore not just your mind but also that of your body’s health. Massage therapy deals with a lot of health conditions such as back pain, spinal cord injury, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders. It also helps them know where to focus to relieve you of your pain and stress, as well as any allergies to possible massage oils that they may be using.

            During the session, the comfortable atmosphere between the client and therapist must still be intact for the client to feel like he/she can freely give his/her feedback. Don’t be afraid in voicing out concerns whether it be the temperature or lighting of the environment. Other centers would be playing music, if you prefer other kinds of music or if you like having a massage quietly, make sure to tell your therapist. Giving feedbacks regarding the amount of pressure and speed of the hand movements is also very important.

            Don’t be afraid to tell your concerns because as professional massage therapists, their job is to make you feel comfortable as much as possible. Lastly, communication is the best way to express your gratitude to your therapists. It would make their day just hearing a thank you from their clients knowing they have done their job to help you with your pain and stress.

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