Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

Spa near MRT

I would like to recommend a spa near an MRT station, non other than the Pahulay Spa in MRT Ayala.

I've been here many times getting random therapists, but they never fail to give great satisfaction.

I tried 4-5 different female therapists at Pahulay, she never fails to give a good relaxing 30 minute massage.
I strongly recommend Pahulay to those in a hurry but needs to get a relaxing massage.

It is also good for those who can only afford a 300 worth of body massage.

Every person who passes by MRT Ayala will surely see Pahulay Spa.

If problems occur, try out a spa!

Problems about MRT  
Long lines during morning and evening

Just a few months ago, many were complaining about the long lines and many hours of waiting. It’s the same scenario after working hours.

Being inside the MRT is a suffering condition. It’s like youre inside a sardines can as many people say. But you have no choice but to ride because you are already late to work.

MRT-3’s original capacity is 350,000 passengers per day, but more than 500,000 people ride every day.

Problems with operating system

In news published in ABS CBN, a railway expert said their facilities are poorly maintained and the software technologies used to operate the trains by remote control are already obsolete.

Rene Santiago, a civil engineer, says the MRT is apparently still using the same operating system since it started in 2003. Taken from:

Despite the warning of the authorities, there still reports that many MRT passengers has been victimized by pickpockets.

One of their modus operandi is stealing someones cellphone while the owner is listening to a music via  earphones. When the owner notices his phone is gone, pickpockets will tell that the thief went out already.

The tendency of the owner is to go out and check as well. Until he realizes that the voice who told him to go out was the real thief.

There are many problems to encounter in riding the MRT, now that government is buying the train company.

The Government could have avoided all the current and potential legal hassles in this MRT3 capacity expansion project had DOTC only abided by the 1999 BLT agreement and allowed MRTC to do its job of choosing the M&O contractor for this EDSA rail line.

What do you think will happen now that government wants to take over MRT 3 within 3rd quarter of 2014? 

Has it worsened for MRT-3 commuters?

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  1. I don't think that it will get better. I think it will even get worse.

  2. I think, we as Filipinos needs discipline too with regards to public usage and helping out political problems. Poverty causes society problems which the government officials must study and protect its citizens. Government service expertise will be prompted to eradicate such negative elements.

  3. Even how much the taxpayers help in cleaning up the mess, it won't be solved unless we will put politics aside and concentrate on how to service the commuters even better.

  4. I think it will just make everything horrible!

  5. our train system needs a facelift... i got robbed at the lrt before..

  6. The current situation of the MRT 3 is sickening but leaves us commuters no other choice. I wonder how DOTC will remedy the current problems of the MRT 3.


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