Miyerkules, Disyembre 11, 2013

A Sad Face on Happy Endings

I’m not a fan of emoticons on chats or texts. But right now, I think I want to put a sad face on spa happy endings. Happy endings are acts performed by masseuses that give a sexual release. I frown upon happy endings in spas because it creates misconceptions towards legitimate spas, the therapists and frequent spa goers. Now people think that all spas are “spakols”. A “Spakol” is a spa which offers sexual services.
People also think that all therapists are prostitutes and all massage addicts are perverts. In fact, there are two incidents which show the bad effects of these misconceptions.
Here’s an incident of misconceptions. I swear I cannot make this up. This happened for real. A therapist who works at a legitimate spa had a customer who assumes it’s a “spakol”. That customer asked her for something extra but she respectfully declined.
During the heat of the moment, the customer touched himself and asked her to grab his part where the party happens but she said no. Later that night, while on her way home, the creepy customer waited for her at the exit and asked her out. Once again, she declined.
She boarded a bus so she can move away from the horny customer. But while on the road, she looked at the bus window and found the creepy guy trailing her. She was so frightened, luckily nothing bad happened and she reached home safe.
Here’s another case of misconceptions. Recently, a friend from Singapore visited me. After coming from a long trip, she asked me if we could get a massage together. “Sure. In fact, I know a place nearby that offers superb massage” I said. “Oh. Is that a spakol?” she asked with a straight face. I said no of course.
But she asked me again, “Are you sure?” I said no again. Luckily I was able to convince her with the second no. However, our conversation made me wonder do people really think all spas are spakols? Does she really have to ask me twice? I may have a tough guy exterior but I have feelings too. In fact, I felt offended when she asked me if it was a spakol.
I enlightened her and erased her misconceptions about spas when I took her to Sawasdee-Thai-Massage. It’s a legitimate spa which offers top notch massage without sexual services. Their therapists are all professionals.
I’m not saying they are nuns or robots. They are actually fun and friendly. You can talk to them about anything. But they just don’t put themselves on sexual activities while performing work. We had a great time there and we left the place with huge smiles on our faces. It’s definitely recommended for people who want a real massage and relaxation.
I believe spas with happy endings should stop calling themselves spas to avoid misconceptions. Until they do that, I guess the sad face will stay there for awhile.

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