Lunes, Abril 21, 2014

Review: Asian Massage Ortigas

A Massage That Calms the Whole Nation
One afternoon I was driving along EDSA with my Ferrari going to my supermodel girlfriend’s house while thinking about my six digit pay check coming by the end of the month.
Okay. I’m kidding. I just made that up. I don’t have a Ferrari. I’m just a 31-year old man who lives with my parents and works at a Filipino news company. Also, my girlfriend is just average (Honey if you’re reading this I’m very sorry. Please don’t leave me).

I’m just so stressed after beating several deadlines. Right now I’m craving for a nice spa treatment from Asian Massage. So, if you’re from Manila like me, who works non-stop just to earn a living, you will want to have a nice massage to reward yourself from hard work.

Asian Massage is a 24-hours spa with home services. They offer massage techniques that can calm the nation down. In fact their massage therapy has a lot of health benefits.

Haircut Price: 250 for male, 450 for female
Haircut result

I am indeed felt delighted that I got the chance to review the services of Asian Massage in Ortigas. I was able to experienced a haircut, facial cleanse and a massage. So it was really a whole pampering for me, which I love doing on weekends to reward myself from the nerve-wrecking job I have every day. This is my way of relieving all the stress and anxiety I got from my work and other activities.

Their special treat massage took me 30 minutes . Studies show that physical contact lessens depression, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. Usually a regular massage includes two hours of physical contact that kills pain. It warms the body to improve the blood circulation. It also cures dyspepsia, gastroenteritis, slow motility symptoms, constipation, and colic. It can also come with a stress relieving Indian Ear Candle. My experience with the massage is average. I am giving this spa a 4/5 rate.

They also offer a standard massage which includes acupressure shiatsu massage, reflexology hand and foot massage, Thai massage and hilot massage. However, their standard massage isn't your average massage. The therapist’s heavenly touch and friendly personality makes the massage special. Other than massage, Asian Massage also offers other services like facials, hair treatments and foot spa.

One hour whole body massage 
Rates: From 7 am - 7 pm is 300 pesos, from 7 pm - 7 am is 400 pesos.
Home service is 350 pesos (fixed)
Living in Manila is challenging. The roads can be a war zone because of heavy traffic. However, Asian Massage has several branches around the Metro. So going to a spa wouldn't be trouble. For more convenience, Asian Massage offers home services. It’s like the spa itself will come to your home.
You will experience a total relaxation with Asian Massage because of their therapeutic touch. Also, their attendants are friendly and good looking so they can definitely bring good vibes to you.
Asian Massage attendants are artists and your body is their canvass. Every touch is like a stroke of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintbrush. I’m sure after a session here in Asian Massage I will feel like rich guy who drives a Ferrari with a supermodel girlfriend.

My Massage: 30 minutes trial Includes: Lavender oil (aromatherapy) Ratings: 4/5 Lobby Area: Very cool pwedeng tumambay. Thanks for allowing me to take photos here. Restrooms : Very clean The Shower: fully functional Interiors: Very well designed
Massage Room: The common room has enough space Setting: very halloween special Bed: High standard Linen: very good smell Towel: soft and smooth Robe: sarap sa katawan ng tela Therapist: good
Hot Towel: Yes Dry Sauna: Yes Parking: Yes it can accommodate cars, motocycles and bike Home Service: Yes even hotel services Free Wi-Fi: Yes Socket: Yes
Masseur Type: Female Specialty: Seomyeong Massage using Japanese Moguza *sana ma try ko

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