Biyernes, Abril 11, 2014

Horrible Wensha Eperience

When a ventosa massage from Wensha turns into a disaster.

May this serve as a warning to all.

from facebook status of  Emerson G. Lim

To end the holiday, i and my friends decided to pamper ourselves at Wensha Spa Timog. We checked in at around 6pm and i availed of their ventosa massage service. The massage was good but after the ventosa service, i felt a burning sensation at my back. I thought it was normal but upon checking on the mirror, i saw blisters, burns and discoloration on my skin. I went down to the receptionist to complain the incident. I was so frustated with what happened but my frustation was intensified by the management's poor knowledge in handling of such situation as they passed me from the massage manager to their senior therapist to the spa manager. Accompanied by their nurse, i initiated to go to Capitol Medical Center ER to seek medical attention. The finding was a 2nd degree burn on my back and first aid was applied. I went back to the spa to file a formal complaint. I wrote this post to warn my friends who are thinking of getting venstosa service at Wensha Spa to reconsider. More than the burn, the frustration and the time wasted was worse. I would not definitely go back again coming from this horrible experience.

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