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Reflexology and Massage

My friend came over complaining about what happened to him in a spa. He said he was lying face down on the massage table while the therapist is doing weird things to him. 

The therapist is pressing different parts of his feet and flexing his body to weird positions. After the session, my ignorant friend felt more relaxed but he just has to complain about the weirdness of the method.

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What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a health therapy which involves applying pressure on certain areas of the body like the hands, feet and ears. These areas or pressure points are connected to the vital organs of the body. Putting pressure on these areas will help prevent several illnesses, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system and boosts overall health.
Reflexology practitioners believe that reflexology is an alternative cure to several illnesses like depression, diabetes, sinusitis, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases and sometimes even cancer. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support this. 
Everyone can receive a reflexology therapy. However, too much pressure might cause uneasiness to some people.

Pressure Points and Meridians
Reflexology hand and foot maps are created to show how a particular pressure point is connected to different organs through the body meridians. Body meridians are pathways inside our bodies where energy flows. For example, in our hands, the fingertips are connected to the head, brain and sinus. While in our feet, the part just above our heels is connected to the small intestine. Applying pressure to these reflex points through human touch improves the energy flow inside our system.
Reflexology and Massage
Just like massage, reflexology relieves stress, reduces depression and helps in better sleep patterns through physical contact. Despite the similarities, they are actually different from each other. Massage stimulates the muscles through stroking, tapping and kneading. Reflexology on the other hand focuses on applying pressure on the reflex points. Pressure is usually applied by reflexologists using their thumb and index finger.
My friend is just one of those who don’t know how effective reflexology is to our health and wellness. Ever since the ancient times, reflexology has healed a lot of people. It is safe, cheap and works wonders to our overall health.

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