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Bioessence branch in West Avenue, Quezon City

Bioessence branch in West Avenue, Quezon City offers Banana Leaf Massage . A traditional massage plus the effect of warm banana leaf placed on your back. 

A number of bloggers have tried it and most of them had the best relaxation experience

I read some of the blogs like Purple plum fairy, Fashion Eggplant, Fashion Commuter, Rain de Ocampo and more. 

This spa is near SM North and Tomas Morato

Biyernes, Disyembre 13, 2013

A different kind of massage

Spada Massage in pasay

It has been a month since I had a massage at Spada Cubao.

I had the pleasure to visit another Spada branch this time in Pasay.

The location is near Gil Puyat LRT station, it's dark and you can see the therapists hanging outside.

I got a Blossom 3 package that includes A whole body massage, foot refles and body wash. The therapist they gave me was named Cauro, a chubby more than 25 female and has a curly hair.

The rooms in Spada Pasay is much bigger that in Cubao. The beddings are much bigger but in this branch they've got no lockers. The same towels are very dirty. They've got small bathroom.

The services are the same.

My Experience:

I had a great satisfaction with the massage the therapist was expert in giving a good massage. Now there are so many thing I didn't like about her.

During that night she has a cough, I didn'r have a choice but to accept it. But she when she was coughing from time to time which is a big time off for me.

Second she is such a cheater when it comes to timekeeping. So better time yourself and syncronize it with her just to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Third, she is very insisting that you gave her 1000 for an extra service. She is not going to hold your bird until you will not confirm that you will paying her price.

She was the second time with that same attitude.


If you are looking for best male therapists in Spada Pasay

look for Joseph, Aljur, Jason or Reagan their schedule is 11 PM onwards.

If you are looking for best female therapist look for Michelle or Roxanne, their duties are from 5 PM onwards.

If it is your first time in Spada the best recommended massage are Linggam 1,200 for 1 hr and 15 minutes.

If you want more sensual then you can choose Linggam with body wash which costs 1,250 for 1 hr and 40 minutes.

My Verdict:

Ratings: 3/5
Lobby Area: Very cool pwedeng tumambay parang bahay lang

CR: ok lang not bad
Shower: ok lang not bad

Massage Room: nice one, better than their Cubao branch
Setting: lying on the floor
Bed: no hole nasa sahig lang
Linen: bad smell
Towel: ang tigas at ang gaspang
Robe: pwede
Therapist: worth the pay

Hot Towel:      Yes
Dry Sauna:     None
Parking:     Yes it can accomodate 4 cars
Home Service:     Yes even hotel services
Free Wi-Fi:     Yes
Socket: None
Masseur Type:     Male & Female
Signature:     Linggam, Spada, FHM,
Extra Service:  Yes

My Experience: Just OK

Miyerkules, Disyembre 11, 2013

A Sad Face on Happy Endings

I’m not a fan of emoticons on chats or texts. But right now, I think I want to put a sad face on spa happy endings. Happy endings are acts performed by masseuses that give a sexual release. I frown upon happy endings in spas because it creates misconceptions towards legitimate spas, the therapists and frequent spa goers. Now people think that all spas are “spakols”. A “Spakol” is a spa which offers sexual services.
People also think that all therapists are prostitutes and all massage addicts are perverts. In fact, there are two incidents which show the bad effects of these misconceptions.
Here’s an incident of misconceptions. I swear I cannot make this up. This happened for real. A therapist who works at a legitimate spa had a customer who assumes it’s a “spakol”. That customer asked her for something extra but she respectfully declined.
During the heat of the moment, the customer touched himself and asked her to grab his part where the party happens but she said no. Later that night, while on her way home, the creepy customer waited for her at the exit and asked her out. Once again, she declined.
She boarded a bus so she can move away from the horny customer. But while on the road, she looked at the bus window and found the creepy guy trailing her. She was so frightened, luckily nothing bad happened and she reached home safe.
Here’s another case of misconceptions. Recently, a friend from Singapore visited me. After coming from a long trip, she asked me if we could get a massage together. “Sure. In fact, I know a place nearby that offers superb massage” I said. “Oh. Is that a spakol?” she asked with a straight face. I said no of course.
But she asked me again, “Are you sure?” I said no again. Luckily I was able to convince her with the second no. However, our conversation made me wonder do people really think all spas are spakols? Does she really have to ask me twice? I may have a tough guy exterior but I have feelings too. In fact, I felt offended when she asked me if it was a spakol.
I enlightened her and erased her misconceptions about spas when I took her to Sawasdee-Thai-Massage. It’s a legitimate spa which offers top notch massage without sexual services. Their therapists are all professionals.
I’m not saying they are nuns or robots. They are actually fun and friendly. You can talk to them about anything. But they just don’t put themselves on sexual activities while performing work. We had a great time there and we left the place with huge smiles on our faces. It’s definitely recommended for people who want a real massage and relaxation.
I believe spas with happy endings should stop calling themselves spas to avoid misconceptions. Until they do that, I guess the sad face will stay there for awhile.

Linggo, Disyembre 8, 2013

The Spa in Shangri-La

A new found spa in Shangri-La mall in EDSA. Very near in Mandaluyong Offices like Teleperformance, Sykes, Brady, Solar News, Solar TV and many more.

My Quest in Finding the Best Spa in Metro Manila

The Spa Experience

Most of us are preoccupied with work and other duties that we rarely have a chance to schedule an alone time and pamper ourselves. Needing a few hours of relaxation and an escape out of my busy schedule, I often find myself in a spa, looking forward to a much-needed massage.

However, after postponing my visit for quite some time, I suddenly had the urge to go out and treat myself to the best spa in Manila. A few of my friends are raving about The Spa’s great services so I decided to swing by their place and see for myself what the fuss is about. 

When I arrived at around 4 pm, I hurriedly checked on their wide selection of services. I came here for a single purpose – to get a massage in Manila. Instead, I decided to push through with the package, thinking that I truly deserve an entire afternoon of pampering and relaxation. Yes, it was expensive, but it felt amazingly good!

Apparently, the package I chose was supposed to be done in their Premiere Villa, which is to die for! So, I enthusiastically followed the attendant to my villa and enjoyed a full 30-minute sauna and Jacuzzi use while they prep the room.

After which, The Spa Rejuvenation scrub was next on the list. With the villa, sauna, Jacuzzi, plus the scrub, I actually felt that I got the most out of my money’s worth. But we’re not done yet. My most awaited part of the package is up next. 

For my massage, I opted to go with a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu. It was by far the best massage in Manila I’ve had.

As I leave the building, I totally feel like a different person. All the stresses of the entire week were totally forgotten and I was eager to welcome the new week with a fresh start. by kabangeles04

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 27, 2013

New Found Spa near Tomas Morato

BAAN KHUN THAI House of Traditional Massage, originated from Cebu City and offers authentic massage.

Linggo, Nobyembre 17, 2013

Body Essence

Body Essence in West Avenue
Open until 2 am and last call is at 1:30 am.
It is near West Insula, a new hotel in West Avenue.
Same side of all male spa Body Spec tacular and Hollywood
Eastern massage is a must try!

Here are some photos inside:

Biyernes, Nobyembre 15, 2013

New Found Spa in West Avenue QC

Tamarind Spa is located at West Avenue, QC.

Near landmark: HCC spa and Hollywood all male massage.

Tips: don't come around 12 nn-2 pm because they don't have available therapists.

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 6, 2013

List of All Male Therapist Spas in QC

If you are looking for more than a sensational massage I guess you must try the services in these two places:

1. Hollywood 
location: West Ave QC near SM North

2. Body Spec tacular
Location: Just beside Hollywood All Male Therapist Spa

Spa near Hollywood: HCC Spa

I tried getting a massage today and I am satisfied with the service. My therapist was Berlai.
Her expertise involves knowing the exact pressure. No need to say soft, moderate or hard. She can feel the tolerance of my body.
Promo body massage from 6-9pm is only P300.00 see you guys!

It is in front of Hollywood All Male Therapist Spa and near Body Spec tacular also an All Male Therapist Spa

Sabado, Nobyembre 2, 2013

Therapeutic Massage Improves an Athlete’s Performance

I have a confession to make. I’m an addict. I’m addicted to sports particularly running, swimming and yoga. I’m a fierce competitor. I am a frustrated athlete. Sometimes I think my greatest opponent is myself.

I always want to surpass my past performance. That’s why I train hard. But I make sure to reward myself after that hard work.
My body is my weapon. I want to make sure that my body is on its peak performance. That’s why I get a therapeutic massage after training. If you’re an athletic person like me, I recommend getting a nice massage after training. Here’s why.
It Improves Flexibility Flexibility is important to all kinds of sports. That’s why athletes stretch before and after games. Massage therapy stretches the muscle tissues and ligaments. A well stretched body helps prevent sports-related injuries.
It Improves Cardiovascular Flow Cardio plays a huge role in sports. Without proper breathing, an athlete will be gassed out. Massage improves the breathing as well as the blood flow. It’s beneficial to athletes not only during game time but also in their overall health.
It Eradicates Pain Pain is part of the game. You can’t call yourself an athlete without experiencing any pain. In sports, playing hurt affects the athlete’s performance. But with a therapeutic massage, it relaxes the body and removes injury-related pain. Massage works best on muscle pain which is very common for athletes. Once the pain is removed, athletes will be at their optimum performance.
It Helps Getting Good Sleeping Habits Studies show that getting nine hours of sleep works wonders on athletes’ performance. The secret to winning is training hard and resting well. It may sound simple but it’s true. You can’t just treat your body like a machine and train non-stop. You have to rest too. A good massage relaxes your body and improves your sleeping patterns. If you want to perform at your best, a high quality sleep is a pre-requisite.
Psychological Benefits Sad but true, you can’t always win in sports. There will always be a time where you’ll get frustrated due to bad performance. If you want to win, you shouldn’t focus on negative thoughts. Instead forget them and move on. Massage improves your mood. If you have a bad day, get a massage and you’ll forget about it. It helps athletes by calming the mind and prepares it for the next event.
If you’re a sports addict like me, you better start getting a massage now. It helps in the longevity of your athletic life. It may be scary to try at first but once it’s done, it feels like heaven.

Huwebes, Oktubre 31, 2013

Massage Can Relieve Workplace Pain and Stress

Stressed at work?
Most of my friends are working in a corporate world. I decided to write a post about stress. Hope this gives them an idea Why Massage Is Good For Stressed People?
Most people compare the corporate world to a prison. Most people I know from the corporate world can’t handle the stress and pressure inside the corporate prison. They need to find a way to free themselves from the shackles of work. The key to this punishing work-related stress is a nice therapeutic massage. Massage works like magic especially to stressed people.
What is Stress?
Stress is the reaction of our body to changes in our environment. When our bodies adjust to physical, emotional and mental responses, that’s how we get stress. Stress is a part of our lives. We can get it easily. We can obtain it from physical activities or simply by being alone and thinking too much. Stress affects our health. Its effects vary from its levels. From a simple headache to suicidal thoughts, stress can cause them all. It’s impossible to remove stress completely. If we try to get rid of it, it will always come back to us. However, we can relieve it with a soothing massage.
How does massage therapy relieve stress?
Studies show that physical contact can relieve stress and lower depression. In my experience, a standard massage includes one hour of pure physical contact and a nice banter with an expert massage therapist. If that doesn’t relieve your stress, you’re probably a robot. In the vantage point of the science geeks, massage releases hormones called endorphin that soothe the peripheral nervous system. It can also significantly decrease the levels of stress hormones called cortisol. It also increases the flow of white blood cells which boosts the immune system to prevent stress-related aches. With regards to mental health, massage calms the mind to prevent stressful thoughts. In short, massage relaxes the body and the mind.
People say “laughter is the best medicine”. During the massage, you will share good laughs with the therapist. You’ll experience a fun vibe and your head will be filled with happy thoughts when in a massage session.
Other health benefits of massage
Massage doesn't only relieve stress. It also benefits our overall health. It improves the blood circulation. It also relieves muscular pain and lowers the blood pressure.
Massage is recommended for those who want to unwind. Honestly, as I’m writing this, I feel like getting a relaxing massage right now. I know you do too. So what are you waiting for? Go visit your nearest spa now.
*with texts from carpediem

Sabado, Oktubre 26, 2013

New Found Spa in Bayani Rd. Taguig

If you are looking for a spa with Sauna, 
HOLIE Spa and Salon in Taguig has it. For only 150 pesos you can get the benefit of relaxing in a sauna bath. It is near the Army gym, Ayu Thai Spa and Raz Massage in Equator. 

Affordable Spa near LRT Buendia

The cheapest massage for only 99 pesos is here at Headroom Spa. It is near LRT Buendia, near Leveriza, near Adventist Church, near Spada Pasay branch. Opens monday to sunday.

Sabado, Oktubre 19, 2013

New Found Spa in Taguig

Ayu Thai is located at Bayani Road in Taguig. Just opened on October. Best deal ever from 12 nn - 5 pm masahe is 198 php only.

Biyernes, Oktubre 18, 2013

How to Choose the Best Spa in Metro Manila

by carpediem
I’m not going to lie; Metro Manila is a very stressful place. The traffic is a nightmare, the streets are always flooded and the pollution is horrible. If you live or work within the area, I’m sure you can testify to that. So if you’re coming from an eight-hour grind in the office, it would be nice to treat yourself with a pampering spa treatment. However, there are numerous choices of spas in the Metro. If you want to narrow your choices, here are the things you should consider.
Price It’s hard to make a living nowadays so it’s important to be practical. You want the spa experience that’s worth the amount you paid. Remember, you’re going to a spa to relieve stress. Don’t punish yourself by paying a stressful amount of money. So pick a spa that’s friendly to your wallet.
Location It’s wise to pick a spa near you. You don’t want to travel too far just to get a massage especially in Manila where traffic is terrible. If you get stuck in the traffic, you’ll just end up more stressed. Also, you want your spa away from a bad neighborhood. You want to be worry-free when getting a massage to experience optimum relaxation.
Facilities The venue must be spacious and properly sanitized. You don’t want your spa to be tight and dirty. The place itself must be a pillar of health and wellness. People visit spas from time to time so make sure that the place is clean to avoid transferring of diseases. 
Massage Quality This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when picking the right spa for you. The massage must be relaxing and revitalizing. The therapists must know what they are doing. It is best if the therapist possesses “Magic Hands”. Every stroke must bring pleasure to your body. Also, you don’t want to be massaged in a mechanical manner. It’s awesome if the therapist can give you a massage with more personal feel. Massage builds connection between people. It’s more relaxing if you feel connected to the one massaging you.
Employees’ Attitude All employees must have a pleasing personality. From the security guard to the therapists, they should all be friendly. When going to a spa, as much as possible, you want to avoid any bad vibes. So it will be awesome if all the spa personnel can give a friendly atmosphere.
In short, the best spa in Manila should be cheap, accessible and clean. Also, the massage should be top notch and the employees should be nice. Now you know the things to consider when choosing the best spa, have you picked the ideal spa for you?

Huwebes, Oktubre 10, 2013

Developing Story: Lasema Spa brings a one-of-a-kind Jjimjil Bang Spa experience

  • Treat yourself with a relaxing Jjimjil Bang offer with massage for 1 at Lasema Spa and Sauna.
  • Feel how it’s like to be one of your K-pop idols as Jjimjil Bang is the Korean style sauna and spa.
  • Jjimjil Bang is already complete with health facilities including 4 kinds of sauna, 3 kinds of Jacuzzi, an igloo ice room, and 12 cave rooms for sleeping and resting.
  • Choose the perfect sauna for you:
    • Chungito - Helps in balancing the energy in the human body as it contains minerals which releases negative ions and helps transfer energy to body.
    • Salt charcoal - Relaxes and detoxifies while stimulating metabolism as it contains carbon minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.
    • Oak and Clay - Intensifies the body's natural healing process and best for women who have recently given birth. Also perfect for those who have atopic dematitis and other skin problems as well as those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma.
  • The Sauna is located in the wet area of Lasema Spa so you can easily proceed to this area after bath time while the Jjimjil Bang is located in the dry area of the spa.


Branch Location: 7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, 1209 Makati City inside Makati Golf Club, Makati City
Reservation Phone no.: 830-2147 or 830-2148 or 830-2222 or 0927-6450531

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1243 Series of 2013
 Lasema Spa Jjimjil Bang + Sauna + Massage

Lunes, Setyembre 23, 2013

A New Found Spa in Salcedo Village

Linggo, Setyembre 15, 2013

Garden Spa near Makati Med

Garden Spa near Makati Med upstairs Mang Inasal Chicken. A dark place and full of semi whore. 

Upon entering it is an obvious spacol. 


Regular Massage 550 php
De Luxe 900 php (with body wash) 
Extra Service: 500-1000 php half body only. Sex not allowed.

Therapist: All female
Room: Good enough space
Bed: Very clean and soft
Sounds: Maingay ang mga therapists sa labas na nagkukuwentuhan.

Recommended therapist: Jasmine aka Beda
Age: 24
Adress: Bulacan
Province: ilocos
Built: Slim
Specialty: Back Massage
Traits: Sweet, Very Accomodating and Sexy

Top Ten Mont Albo Spa

I learned that Mont Albo Spa has different rates depending on the branch. When I went at their branch in Jaka building on Saturday I asked how much is their 1 hour massage. 380 php/hr. But I have to wait for about 30 minutes.

I asked:

Kung sa next branch ako pupunta may available na ba agad?


Not sure po sir and iba po ang rate dun mas mahal.

Ok pagisipan ko muna.

Here's my Top ten favorite Mont Albo branches.

1. Makati Branch
G/F Jaka Center, Pasong Tamo cor Buendia
Tel. 884-8258

2. Malate Branch
G/F Padilla Square Building, Padre Faura cor. Orosa St, Malate
Tel. 0917-5851021

3. Pedro Gil Branch
University Tower, Pedro Gil cor. Taft Avenue Manila
Tel. 0906-5574828

4. Ortigas Branch
City Land Mega Plaza, Ortigas Center Quezon City
Tel. 0915-4469760

5. Timog Branch
Unit 9, 5 Timog cor Panay Avenue Barangay South Triangle Q.C
Tel. 709-7310

6. Taguig Branch
4F Market! Market! Mall, Taguig City
Tel. 919-4969

7. UP Diliman Branch
Ground Floor, University Hotel, UP Diliman Campus, Q.C.
Tel. 928-3348

8. SM Bicutan
Lower Ground Floor Bldg. A, SM Bicutan
Tel. 0917-8035302

Linggo, Setyembre 1, 2013

Now Open: NuLiving Spa Studio in Binondo

NuLiving Spa Studio in Binondo is the second branch after establishing their main in D. Tuazon QC.
I went here on Saturday with a group of bloggers to try out their services. It was a perfect day to get a massage after the long days of work in the office.
And getting a massage is also a great way to end August to welcome the ber months.
Cheers to a relaxing September and the rest of the month.
NuLiving Spa is near San Fernando Bridge, in front of 7/11, and just beside Allied Bank. They specializes traditional and modern massage.
Their best seller is Thera-Swedish Massage.
A Must Try!

They also got one of a kind service called TheraSpa. They hired a registered Physical Therapist for this. A machine is used to release the muscle tensions and different physical therapy modalities will be performed that will totally remove body aches.
For Binondo branch, regular massages (Shiatsu, Swedish, Lazy Yoga and Reflex) costs P300 an hour while Elite Massages (Signature, Pinoy Hilot, Hot Stone) are at P500 per 1.5 hour
Here's the complete list of services for your reference.

Huwebes, Agosto 29, 2013

Spa Amansala Home Spa Services

Spa Amansala brings back the weekday afternoon promo! 

Get a 2 hour regular massage (Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination or Reflexology) for only P500.00 if you book from 12 pm to 5pm Mondays to Fridays. That's an incredible P200.00 off our regular rates! 

Share it with your loved one, family or friend...but if you want the 2 hours all to yourself, don't worry - we won't tell. 

Call now and enjoy Weekday Afternoons brought to you by Spa Amansala. You can reach at 3458-SPA, 3458-772, 633-2843, 0929-582-1581 or 0929-258-9459. 

Bookings are subject to availability. Promo rates can only be used in one location per booking. 1.5 hours are also on promo at P425.00.

For more info like it on facebook https://www.facebook.com/spaAmansala.HomeSpaServices

Biyernes, Agosto 9, 2013

Pahulay Spa in MRT Ayala

If there is a cheap 30 minute massage that I would like to recommend, that would be the Pahulay Spa in MRT Ayala. I've been here for a couple of times getting random therapist and they never fail to give satisfaction. The good news is you will never regret getting a massage from anyone of them.

I tried 4-5 different female therapists at Pahulay, it never fails to give a good relaxing 30 minute massage.
I strongly recommend Pahulay to those in a hurry but needs to get a relaxing massage first.

It is also good for those who cannot afford a 300 worth of body massage.

If  given a chance I would put up a business like this and put it in the same location. Pahulay is a strategic business because of the following reasons:

1. Captured market. Every second a person passes by MRT Ayala and will surely see Pahulay Spa.

2.  Ayala is a place for blue collar and white collar workers so there is a sure client everyday.

3. No one will not like to get a cheap massage for the amount of less than 200 pesos.

4. It is near mall areas and food chains

The cheapest massage cost 80 pesos and 150 pesos. You can choose from head massage to foot reflex, from siesta to Pahulay signature massage.

Note: They also have full body massage which is around 300 pesos only.

I have tried and tested their good services here. Not to mention they have friendly and accommodating personnel.

The most recommended therapist to name is Jen, 27 yo from Quezon City. Strictly clean massage only!

Linggo, Hulyo 21, 2013

Mont Albo Spa Review by Ely's Planet

Tired of the usual party? Wanna treat your employees or friends with massage? Mont Albo Massage Hut has party and company packages to give your group an exciting and exceptional experience. And of course, if its Mont Albo, it is within your budget.

Ely Valendez shares his personal experience of Nueva Caceres Massage package with therapist Jay.

The one hour full body oil massage was among the best massages I’ve ever experienced. For spaholics, it is easy to distinguish a well-trained masseur from the rest. And Jay’s touches are that of the expert — his strokes dig into the muscles as if his fingers knew them long ago, they seemed masters of one’s body with their own minds that know what muscles need healing, and what pressure to put. The new, unfamiliar strokes added more relief to my tired body.

Read more on Ely's review here

Second Review about Spada Cubao

Another chance brought me to Spada Cubao because I have a gay friend who reads my blog and wants to know if he can choose male therapists here. His objective is to choose a cute guy to give him a satisfying massage. I suggested him to try FHM or Linggam.

I haven't been here for a long time....

Holiday Spa near GMA Network

I would always see a signage of 199 only massage when I'm around GMA Network. Yes it is , the massage at Holiday Spa is only 199 pesos. A regular massage using mineral oil over a bed that is only fit for thin people.

To be straight to the point the price that they are advertising speaks for itself so do not expect a lot in getting a good massage in this branch.

What is not good about their massage is the place itself. If you can just find time to go inside I think you will never get a desire in staying longer. The place is so small, the smell is not good, the restroom is dirty, everything is not presentable.

To think that they attract people who goes inside a giant network company they must develop in improving the facilities.

If you are a regular customer, the receptionist will ask you immediately what type of oil you would want to have for your massage, there is an additional 100 pesos or more depending on what type of oil you choose.

Indirectly they are up-selling that you upgrade your budget of 199 pesos.

The spa is open from Monday - Sunday and offers clean massage only. The cheapest price is 199 while the most expensive is 500 which includes body scrub with massage.

There's many negative things to describe this spa, words are not enough to express. This is the worst spa I've ever been.

RAZ Massage in Bayani Road Fort Bonifacio

If there's a cheap 199 pesos only massage that gives quality service RAZ Massage Clinic in Bayani Road Fort Bonifacio is the place to be.

I have been here 3-4 times already and I am getting great satisfaction each and every visit that I do here.

The best time to go here is from Monday - Friday 1 - 4 pm only. Otherwise you will pay 250 pesos for a regular massage. Prices ranges at 150 to 400 pesos only.

The most recommended therapist that I can namedrop is Gina or Lani. Probinsyana sila but they deliver a quality good massage.

The room is not that elegant but for the amount of what you pay for it is good enough. They have a proper massage table with a hole. The linens are new, it's just very thin for your skin. Medyo tinipid.

There are many good things to describe this spa, a single blog post is not enough. So better visit them at Equator gas station along Bayani Road. The nearest landmarks are Fabula, Carwash, Jollibee, 7 - Eleven.

The normal operating hours is from 11 am - 12 midnight. No extra service offered, purely clean massage.

Lunes, Hunyo 10, 2013

The Juenevie Massage brings Anti-aging Treatments to us

How hard is it to stay young looking? Should we be worried? Juenevie Forever Young is delighted to bring you the first Anti-aging Treatments in the comforts of your home. From having Jet lags of getting stress from office work, In starting or ending the week right it is best to do it with any of The Juenevie Massage. 

Juene Vie is a French word which means Young Life .

Experience guaranteed anti-aging results that induce the youth in you! bringing to you the forefront technologies in Anti-aging and too add, exclusively Juenevie branded massage oils and blended exfoliants that are meticulously made and luxuriously created to heighten your senses and bring to the journey that is Juenevie.

Sabado, Hunyo 1, 2013

Buddhas Palm Therapy Services

When my friend stayed at Traders hotel in Pasay City I suggested him to get a home service massage via searching at Sulit.com.ph. It was Buddhas Palm Therapy Services that we searched fast and affordable.

My friend warned me that it is dangerous to get a home service massage and it is also a waste of money. I still insisted for it so we did. 

When I called their hotline at 9 pm Saturday, they have an available male and female therapist for the two of us. The therapists arrived two hours late. Their office is based in Tondo Manila. They are suppose to arrive at 10 pm but they did at 12 midnight, we were sleeping already.

The hassle of waking up in a middle of our sleep made us a little bit mad.

The two therapists started to massage us... we did not became happy with their service.

I have already experienced a lot of massage from different therapists but Buddhas Palm Therapy Services did not pass my expectations. Sorry but Buddhas Palm Therapy Services is not recommended to those seeking for home service massage in Malate or Pasay area.

Yes they've got affordable price of 250 pesos only for one hour but it is not worth availing for. Here are the details just in case you still want to try.

Miyerkules, Mayo 22, 2013

The Spa

The best time to get a massage at The Spa is anytime as long as you set a schedule appointment with a professional massage therapist.
I tried doing this at The Spa in BGC, Trinoma and Acropolis branch. I got satisfied in BGC, Acropolis branches but not at Trinoma.
Arriving early at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time ensures a full massage session.

My visit at their branch in BGC was my first time to dip into the pool naked. Because I do not have a choice.

May nakasabay akong first timer din....."Wala bang provided na underwear nakakahiya kasi eh" sabi nya.

We had a chat for almost 30 minutes at the infinity pool. The pool is so relaxing. The heat is therapeutic. Those who dip in here must be naked.


Lobby and Rooms: Elegant and very relaxing
Massage: very good
Price: 780 php is expensive. Budget is something to consider, it is not very affordable
Therapist: You can't choose a therapist. Just rely on your good luck!


Combination Massage: (Best Seller)
The muscle-soothing flow of Swedish massage and their special oil, coupled with the chi-balancing power of Shiatsu’s finger pressure. 60 minutes.

Regular Member Deluxe: (60/90 minutes) 820/1230 Member: 700/1050
Executive (60/90 minutes) 1100/1650 Member: 950/1425
Suite / Villa (60/90 minutes) 1600/2400 Member: 1400/2100

Miyerkules, Mayo 15, 2013

The RITZ Spa

The Juan Traveler shares his experience with The RITZ Spa, an emerging spa along Manila. The spa offers affordable massage and great service. Posted on his Food and Travel blog:
I'll be frank. I do love massage, especially when I have to book a massage therapist from a free ads local paper or if I have an existing number of the previous encounter, I would just text the masseuse of my choice to come over wherever place I am staying. Usually that encounter last for two to three hours.
source: panoramio.com
There's something sensual and relaxed experience every time I book myself for a massage treatment, in the modern language it is also called spa treatment. A massage therapist carrying her props and bag of oils (of different scents) to use on your behalf minus the watering and steamy spa functions.
This is where a massage or spa clinic takes its advantage if you would rather want a full satisfaction and use of the whole of the clinic's amenities. Remember, there's difference between a 24/7 service massage/spa therapist and a 24/7 massage/spa clinic.
Let's focus on the great features of a spa/massage clinic.
Even long time ago, I would visit an old Korean spa clinic in Malate along Nakpil street. Those were the days when I had the leisure of going to spa clinics after a days of hard work. Rarely these days that I can afford a massage because of the hectic schedules that I am into. But of course, having a relaxing massage treatment will always benefit not just the body and mind, but the complete experience will recharge and energize one's self.
That's why when I finally had the chance to book a one-hour treatment full body massage at The RITZ Spa in Adriatico, Manila, I quickly rushed to the place and commit myself to the ever patient massage therapist. I chose to describe them to have that great patience because these masseuse should be commended of allotting their one-hour time of physically and brutally pampering a client's body. Imagine their hands touched more than just one client's body in their whole day's work. Not fun I guess, but that's their job. After all, they're doing this for their families. So before I forget, let's salute these massage therapist!
Okay, so where is The RITZ Spa located? If you're familiar with Robinsons Place in Manila, it's just one corner on the left after you passed by the mall along Pedro Gil. A quick left turn, that's Adriatico street and the big and visually evident logo of the RITZ Spa will greet you at once.
Going inside, you'll be welcomed by a nice reception area of which the aisle leading to the massage rooms will be seen just right in front after you enter the clinic. Use your imagination, guys.
It's still better to book your reservations here to make sure that you'll be entertained immediately especially during peak hours and seasons. The RITZ Spa has quite a good number of clients, most of them are foreigners.
After selecting your treatment, you'll be given a digital locker key for your locker. An attendant will assist and hand you the necessary get-up inside the clinic. Usually it's a short underwear and a bathroom robe. This goes the same for men and women. Oh, men and women locker area and spa rooms are separated, just in case you wanna know. Except for couples rooms. I guess this arrangements goes to all spa clinic.
Traditionally, the term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular, and offer various personal care treatments. Nice info, right? I lifted that up from Wikipedia.
You'll expect these and more treatments inside The RITZ Spa and are available and costs depending on the choices that you'll select.
Here is an overview of the rates and special packages:
Special Promo 1: (Regular Massage & Choice of:) P 1,300.00
Aroma Scalp & Shoulder Massage/ Aroma Facial & Chest Massage/ Foot Scrub & Foot Massage/ Hand SPA & Arm Massage
Special Promo 2: (Foot Reflex & Choice of:) P 1,300.00
Aroma Scalp & Shoulder Massage/ Aroma Facial & Chest Massage/ Foot Scrub/ Hand SPA
Special Promo 3: (2 HRS.)
Foot Reflex & Regular Massage P 1,400.00
Special Promo 4: (1 HR.)
Foot Reflex & Regular Massage P 1,300.00
Special Promo 5: (1 HR.)
Synchronized Twin Massage P 1,300.00
Body Scrub P 1,300.00
Facial Care: P 1,000.00
Collagen Facial w/ Diamond Peel P 1,800.00
Collagen Facial w/ L-6 P 2,000.00
For those who want to try the Hot Stone Massage, it costs from P 1,200.00 - P 2,000.00 maximum of 2 hrs and 15 minutes.
Alright. If you wanna know if I had a wonderful experience, I would say so. From the hot water shower that I had before the massage up to the treatment itself, I am well satisfied by the way the masseuse who handled my body. Though, her hands were a little bit hard, the relaxing end of it had completed my day.
Expect a twenty something massage bed in line when you enter the massage room along with the other guys having their treatments.
Just in time for this rainy season, it's time that you also try and experience The RITZ Spa when you're in Manila. If you always complain of that aching back pain or head ache once in a while, then it's time that you lay down and let the great hands of the massage therapist relax you, from head to toe!

Huwebes, Mayo 2, 2013

BIG APPLE Express Spa

If you are looking for the best massage and you are in a budget I would recommend Big Apple Express Spa. The name sounds High end but the price is just right end for the budget.

Their recommended massage and bestsellers include:
  • Manhattan Full Body Massage 299
  • Bangkok Foot Therapy 399
  • Brazillian Deep Tissue Massage 599

Big Apple Express Spa offers very affordable massage. The price starts at 49 pesos for a 5 minute make your own massage.
Big Apple Express Spa is a clean and decent spa. It promotes cleanliness, accommodating staff, quality massage and good service.
Established in 2005, Big Apple Express Spa started growing and if you notice they are very visible in every common mall along metro.

I've already tried three out of their many franchise branches.
Their main branch at Robinson Galleria, at Forbes wood Global City and the one in Star mall in Shaw Blvd.

I usually go for the cheapest massage in Manila that is why I really like going here

I read in newspapers and magazines that they also invest on excellent training program for the staff to make sure that customers get quality services. No wonder they have plenty of good and decent therapists.

My favorite among these? Their Manhattan ,a dry massage that uses pressure to energize the body. I often avail this at their Forbes wood branch every Sunday after my Yoga class in beyond Yoga.

I sleep because I feel calm and relaxed. They are using mineral oil which I like because it does not harm my skin.
A Manhattan massage costs P299 only.

They also offer other variety such as
  • Pinoy Hilot
  • Balinese Massage
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
  • Foot spa
  • Facial
  • Scalp treatment
  • Manicure and pedicure

Big Apple Express Spa outlets are open in Robinsons Galleria, the Bonifacio Global City, the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya, and Subic.

Big Apple Express Spa is open for franchising as well.

If you're interested for promos and franchising, you can email them at pranavfranchising@gmail.com or call (02) 3810027.

Check their website at http://bigappleexpressspa.comand
Like their official Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/big.apple.official

Here's a list of different Big Apple branches in Metro Manila and Province

Metro Manila

*Cash and Carry Mall, Makati City
*Cityland 10, Makati City
*Eastwood City
*Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City
*Gateway Mall, Quezon City
*Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City
*McKinley Hill, Taguig City
*Robinsons Galleria, Pasig City
*Robinsons Otis, Manila City
*SM Hypermart Pasig City
*Starmall EDSA
*Waltermart, Edsa, Quezon City
*Paseo de Sta. Rosa Laguna
*Robinsons Iloilo City
*SM Lipa City
*Victory Mall Antipolo City

Huwebes, Abril 25, 2013

Gina of Good Look Therapeutic Salon and Spa in NICE hotel

Along Mandaluyong City lies a very nice hotel - it is called NICE hotel, located downstairs of MRT Shaw Blvd.

At the same building there's a salon and spa called Good Looks, it is open 24 hours offering a nice massage for walk ins and travelers.

I've been going here for quite sometimes because it was here when I first felt the satisfying massage of Gina, a Cebuano Chinese looking female therapist who does not have an idea that she has the power to make me feel good.

Whenever I go here I would always look for her. She is top on my list of recommended therapist in Manila. If she is not around I would not avail a massage. She usually come around 8 pm on-wards so that she can provide a satisfying massage to her clients at night.

She is nice and kind hear ted person, she is fun to be with and she gives right amount of pressure to your body. She can provide the hardest pressure and has a very good muscle control. She seems to be a conservative person and hard to get.

This spa is small but their bed is nice, it has a hole. The room is small and you can hear the noise outside. It is really not a good place if you want to get some extra service from your therapist.